14th March 2009 - 21:04

This is really good... everyone should watch it :P



8th March 2009 - 15:59

I was just messing around with the Database and... errr deleted what looks like two posts... the two about my driving test at work haha.. my bad.

but hey! i think i have got the page thing working now though. going to need a few more posts to check but it should be all sorted now  *fingers crossed*

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The Big Bang Theory

8th March 2009 - 15:06

Yesterday I started to watch a show called "The Big Bang Theory" its great...  it really is. Its only a 30 mins show (making it 20 mins if you watch it without adverts). So it makes a change from all the hour long shows i'm watching at the moment lol.

The show revolves around two nerdy geeky guys, Leonard and Sheldon. They have just had Penny, a pretty blond girl move in next door.

Its Great... I challenge you not to laugh once in the first episode.

ugh! i fail !

7th March 2009 - 20:18

I moan all the time that im bored yet when im invited to go somewhere i can never be bothered/want to go. :( its pretty sad really, isnt it ?

I was having a convo with someone from work the other day about "Watchman" and how its worth going to see on the big screen.. i never see stuff in the cinema. a few reasons really.

- I'm cheap
- I don't have anyone to go with
- I'd never ask anyone if they wanted to see something with me cos i'd feel stupid
- oh and did i say that i'm cheap ?

I've always been a homebody... never really felt comfy with the whole hanging out thing even more so with people i don't know. i thought i was getting better... not that much better i guess :(

anyway... thats all i really have to say.. social awkwardness ftl :(

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