Running all the time

6th March 2009 - 21:49

so i'm a little bored... i have nothing better to do so blogging it is..

i cleaned out my car today... it was in the need of a bit of TLC, started to look a little scruffy. i mean... errr more scruffy than a two colour car needs to look lol.

i'm also trying to flog some CarPC parts to make some money to take jess to london when she's here. it'd be nifty if we could stay at least two nights i guess... not sure if they will sell though. *crosses fingers*

nothing else has really happened. i have nothing else to do tonight, just waiting until its late enough to go to bed, sad isnt it ?

think i might have a little edit of my blog and try to make it so it has pages... if that makes sense... if it doesnt, oh well... maybe it'll work and you'll see what i mean.

good song :D

Pretty Tattoo :D

Random thing : - IncrediBots


1st March 2009 - 22:11

...of changing my hosting for this site.

that means between now and renewal time i've got to make this site worth keeping haha. need to think of something to do with it.

At the moment i'm listening to The Last Samurai OST on YouTube. Never having seen the film its nothing more than nice relaxing music to listen to.. wonder if i should watch the film. i'll look it up after i've written this me thinks.

Tomorrow i'm taking the test for driving the vans at work... i'll let you know how that goes on. should be fun :P

here is a nice picture i took today.

random thing for today is :- Replacing World Landmarks With Cheap Souvenirs

its a wonder

9th February 2009 - 15:07

... that some customers even remember to breath let alone have enough brain power to navigate thier way to Tesco and count high enough to pay the cashier.

Customer: "sugar"

*waits to see if its going to be a full sentence*

Me: "you see that big sign up there that says sugar... its not near that, its just put up to confuse you."

Getting ther

7th February 2009 - 18:14

going well so far... i need to work a little on the CMS stuff as it doesnt look very pretty when im writing this but hey.... at least it works haha.

funny thing of the day : Man tries to catch a falling tree


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